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Engage Your Users

Do you need help engaging your users? Even if you’ve had your technology or solution around for a while, it seems like they’re disconnected. They’d rather stick with their email and only their email, and they like it that way.

We’ve got some help for you. These user engagement videos are designed to be quick hooks to garner interest in using your technologies. From finding people to rolling back revisions, these videos show you something quick and easy any user can do.

You can view a sample of the videos below. If you’re interested in viewing them ad-free, you can sign up using this form. You’ll receive new videos periodically via email, with shorter bumpers and no ads.

User Engagement Series

You can watch each video using the video player above or visiting our YouTube channel. Below are a list of the current videos in the series with links to each video.

Where is Waldo?
Paging 1, 2, 3
Content Tamper Alarm
Rogue Revision Rewind
Dropping Files is Good
Listing Excel Sheets
Out of Order Information
Connect Calendars
Refining Real Search
Flagging Famous Files
Offline with OneDrive
Who Knows?
Worm Hole Physics