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Instructor Led Training Materials

Instructor Led Training Materials

Finding high-quality instructional materials for you to teach is hard – hard enough that you might think that they don’t exist. However, they do exist; you can buy everything that you need to teach your end users SharePoint. The SharePoint Shepherd’s Course for End Users includes instructor manuals, student manuals, PowerPoint presentations, and a site template to allow you to teach for up to two days per student. While we expect that few folks will want to teach all of their end users for two days the course is designed so that you can pull the important parts to your organization and use them. Delete – or simply skip – the content you don’t want to cover to get a completely customized end user training experience for your users.

Deep SharePoint expertise – dating back to the start of the product in 2001 – means that not only do you get training on what the product does but you get gentle encouragement on how to use the product in a way that works well. You won’t have to struggle to learn SharePoint and write materials at the same time. Nor will you have to delay training and thereby create frustration and increase helpdesk calls.

The materials dovetail into the SharePoint Tutor 2013 – a set of materials that can be licensed and deployed on your network as a reference to be used after the users have completed the training. When used together you can minimize your instructional time and increase the learning and learning retention rates.

See below for the outline for the materials including the introduction to SharePoint, the working with SharePoint, the creating with SharePoint, and Administering SharePoint modules.

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Materials Outline

Part I: SharePoint Introduction (3 hours)


Overview of SharePoint

Introduction to Sites and Meeting Workspaces

Navigate through SharePoint

  • What is it? Why use it?
  • Team Sites
  • Group Worksites
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • Blogs
  • Hierarchy of sites
  • Functionality
  • Navigation
    • Ribbon
    • Search
    • Top Navigation Bar/Top Link
    • View All Site Content
    • Quick Launch
    • Bread Crumbs
    • Alerts

Part II: Working with SharePoint (3 hours)


Modify Lists, Libraries, Pages, and Meetings Workspaces

Integrate with Office


  • Adding Announcements
  • Adding Contacts
  • Adding to Discussion Boards
  • Adding Attachments
  • Tracking
    • Links
    • Calendars
    • Tasks
    • Surveys
  • Editing
  • Filtering/Sorting
  • Creating Views
  • Editing in Datasheet View
  • Deleting Items/Restoring Items
  • Creating/Viewing Versions


  • Creating a Document Library
  • Creating a Folder
  • Creating Documents in a Library
  • Adding Forms (InfoPath Forms)
  • Adding Pictures
  • Check In/Check Out Documents
  • Uploading Documents (Explorer View/Multiple Documents)
  • Starting Workflows
  • Connecting to Office


  • Approving a Page
  • Creating a Publishing Page
  • Creating a Wiki Page


  • Create a Meeting Workspace
  • Crate a Things to Bring List
  • Create a Decisions List

Integrating with Office

  • Opening/Saving/Editing Documents in an Application
  • Opening/Editing from Outlook
  • Working with SharePoint Workspaces


Part III: Creating with SharePoint (3 hours)


Create Lists, Libraries, Pages, and Meeting Workspaces

Create Views

Manage Version History

Add Workflows


  • Creating/Importing a List
  • Creating a Task List (Sending email to assignee)
  • Creating Views
  • Setting Up Version History
  • Creating a Survey
  • Associating Workflows
  • Saving List as a Template


  • Creating a Document Library
  • Creating a Picture Library
  • Creating a Form Library
  • Creating Views
  • Setting Up Version History
  • Requiring Check In/Check Out


  • Creating Columns
  • Creating Content Types


  • Creating Subsites

Web Parts

  • Adding Web Parts


Part IV: Administration (3 hours)


Manage personal sites

Work with user groups and permissions

General site administration tasks

Personal Sites (My Site)

  • Creating/Editing Your My Site

Create and Manage Groups and Permissions

  • Setting Up Groups (Active Directory/SharePoint)
  • Setting Up Permissions (levels, inheritance, management)

Site Administration

  • Editing the Look and Feel/Customization (Themes)
  • Setting Up Navigation
  • Saving a Site as a Template
  • Restoring Items from the Site Recycle Bin
  • Uploading/Activating a Sandbox Solution
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