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Secret SharePoint Book

Secret SharePoint Book


Now Available: The Secret SharePoint Book

Anything that you don’t know is a secret to you. Secret SharePoint is about sharing the secrets that unleash productivity with everyone. The secrets shared here aren’t new – they’re just unknown. Robert distills the questions that he receives most frequently from customers, students, and session attendees into some of his favorite solutions that solved real-world problems.

SharePoint is an incredibly powerful tool, particularly combined with some of the new features coming out in Office 365, but most simple problems, like managing navigation, permissions, or integration with other solutions, have remained difficult. However, like anything else, once you know the solutions, it’s easy.

Whether you’re working in a small office with a few people or a huge multi-national company, these secrets, once revealed, will make you better able to use SharePoint to get your job done.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Permissions and Inheritance
  • Security Trimming: Why You Won’t See What You Shouldn’t
  • Hiding and Showing Navigation
  • Solution: Setting Unique Permissions on a Links List
  • Solution: Creating a Personalized Links List
  • The Case of the Authentication Prompts
  • Solution: Set Browsers to Submit Credentials
  • Links and Looks
  • Solution: Using the Copy Link Feature
  • Search Power
  • Tricking Users into Entering Metadata
  • Solution: Adding Quick Parts to Your Form Template
  • Solution: Using Word Quick Parts with a Custom Content Type
  • Solution: Setting Default Column Values
  • Explaining OneDrive
  • Consuming RSS Feeds
  • Solution: Consuming RSS Feeds in SharePoint
  • Solution: Consuming RSS Feeds in Outlook
  • Generating RSS Feeds
  • Solution: Generating a SharePoint List RSS Feed
  • Solution: Generating a SharePoint Search RSS Feed
  • Getting to SharePoint via Outlook
  • Replacing Excel with a SharePoint List
  • Implementing Column-Level Security
  • Solution: Using Column-Level Security
  • Solution: Creating an Employee Birthday Calendar