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The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide: 2007 Corporate Edition (Tutor)

The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide: 2007 Corporate Edition (Tutor)

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The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2007

The Ultimate Online Guide for SharePoint 2007

Enterprise Wide On-Line Toolkit to Accomplish More

Get on-line tools and resources available for your people.   This Guide for End Users is an outstanding tool to help your users maximize their utilization of SharePoint and build exciting and useful functionality.  Providing detailed examples, this guide will be the best resource for End Users to use in their pursuit of making SharePoint create real value in their organization.

Unlike a traditional book which you have to set on everyone’s desk, the SharePoint Tutor 2007 is available for corporate licensing giving your users instant access to the best tips and “how-to” instructions to build exciting and useful functionality in SharePoint.

Our SharePoint Tutor provides over 116 tasks available to any user at anytime they’re connected to your network. You don’t have to worry how to deliver tons of books to your users, or conduct countless hours of training classes — they don’t have to lug books around as they travel — and they don’t have to find space for them, and they don’t have to remember from a boring class.   The resource is available on the spot with screen-cast tutorials.

The Corporation-wide licensing includes:

Online Video Screencasts -When you purchase one of the above licenses you are also able to purchase screencasts of the content in the book. If you or your users need to see how it works step-by-step in live video, these screen casts are perfect. They walk you through the same step-by-step process as in the book but do it as a screen cast. Each screencast is only a few minutes. In total there is over 4 hours of screen casts. The video file formats are flexible and will be delivered to you in a format that you can play on the machines in your organization.

Non-Printable PDF – The most cost effective option for those on a tight budget.

Printable PDF – If you’re just looking for a way for your users to get the content in the book and you’re not concerned with searchability of the content and you don’t need to modify it, this option gets you a single PDF file with all of the content from the book — including full color screen shots.

Word Files – In addition to delivering the printable PDF version, this option allows you to modify the contents of the book for your internal use. You can add your own screen shots to make the book look and feel like it was designed specifically for your organization. Each of the 181 tasks in the book is delivered as an individual file allowing the search engine in SharePoint to help your users get help with the specific problem they’re having.

Wiki and SharePoint Help – If you want to make the book a living part of the conversation with your users — to allow them to comment on what they’re struggling with, to add their own tips, and to suggest or write new content, then you need the Wiki edition of The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users. In addition to the word files, and the printable PDF, you get a site collection backup of the content in a Wiki. Included in this version is a deployment for the SharePoint help system so that you can deploy the Shepherd’s Guide into the SharePoint help system.

Pricing and How to Buy

Ready to get the Guide?  Click here for a quote.

Check out samples from the SharePoint Tutor

What Experts Say

“For me, this book is like the end user manual that Microsoft never shipped with SharePoint but really should have.”
John Ferringer

“You will be hard pressed to find a more thorough coverage of every aspect of the functionality that is available out-of-the-box in SharePoint. With hundreds of screenshots, step-by-step procedures and easy to understand language, this is a must-have resource for information workers and end users trying to graze in the plethora of pastures called SharePoint.”
Mark Miller,

“This guide will help you navigate your way around the core tasks within SharePoint with just enough visuals (screenshots) to keep you from getting lost.”
Asif Rehmani, Microsoft MVP

“The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users now this is a great step-by-step book with colorful and helpful screenshots and easy to follow for common end user tasks.”
Joel Oleson,

“I highly recommend the SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users for that growing number of administrators who’ve found SharePoint to be a service they regularly support.”
Emmett Dulaney, Author and Professor at Anderson University

116 Helpful Tutor Guides for 2007

The SharePoint Tutor 2007 has extensive detailed tasks on over 116 different user tasks.  Below is a list of many of the detailed tasks outlined in the on-line guide.

What is The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users?
  • Task: Create a Place for Teams to Work
  • Task: Creating a Place for Teams to Work (WSS)
  • Task: Add New Users to a Team Site
  • Task: Create a New Group
  • Task: Assign Users to a Group
  • Task: Remove Users from a Group
  • Task: Edit Group Settings
  • Task: Remove a Group
Discuss Ideas
  • Task: Create a Discussion Board
  • Task: Start a New Discussion
  • Task: Reply to a Discussion
  • Task: Delete Comments
  • Task: Remove a Discussion Board
Conduct Effective Meeting
  • Task: Create an Event
  • Task: Create a Recurring Event
  • Task: Create a Meeting Workspace
  • Task: Create Meeting Objectives
  • Task: Create a Meeting Agenda
  • Task: Invite Attendees
  • Task: Make Sure Everyone’s Prepared
  • Task: Assign Tasks to Meeting Attendees
  • Task: Publish Key Meeting Decisions
Working Together on Content
  • Task: Create a Document Workspace in Office
  • Task: Create a Document Workspace on a Team Site
  • Task: Connect Office to a SharePoint Site or Workspace
  • Task: Open and Save Documents from a Workspace
  • Task: Upload Existing Documents to a Workspace
  • Task: Add Document Collaborators in Office
  • Task: Add Document Collaborators on a Team Site
  • Task: Check Out a Document in Office
  • Task: Check Out Documents on a Team Site
  • Task: Check In a Document in Office
  • Task: Check In Documents on a Team Site
  • Task: Activate Version Control
  • Task: Remove a Document Workspace
Manage Lists
  • Task: Create a Custom List
  • Task: Import a Spreadsheet to Create a List
  • Task: Create a New List Item
  • Task: Create New List Columns
  • Task: Editing Existing List Columns
  • Task: Delete List Columns
  • Task: Edit a List in Datasheet View
  • Task: Create Alerts for a List
  • Task: View List Item Properties
  • Task: Edit List Item Properties
  • Task: Manage List Item Permissions
  • Task: Edit a List View
  • Task: Add a List View
  • Task: Delete a List Item
  • Task: Recovering Items from the Recycle Bin
Manage Libraries
  • Task: Create a Library
  • Task: Create a New Library Item
  • Task: Create a New Folder in a Library
  • Task: Create New Columns in a Library
  • Task: Editing Existing Library Columns
  • Task: Delete Library Columns
  • Task: Upload a Single Library Item
  • Task: Upload Multiple Library Items
  • Task: Edit a Library in Datasheet View
  • Task: Export a Library to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Task: Create an Alert for a Library
  • Task: View Library Item Properties
  • Task: Edit Library Item Properties
  • Task: Manage Library Item Permissions
  • Task: Edit a Library View
  • Task: Add a Library View
  • Task: Delete a Library Item
  • Task: Edit a Library Item in a Preferred Application
  • Task: Download a Library Item to Edit Locally
  • Task: Check Out a Library Item
  • Task: Check In a Library Item
  • Task: Check In a Library Item with Office
  • Task: Send a Copy of an Item to Another Library
  • Task: E-Mail a Link to the Item
Use Outlook for Sharing
  • Task: Connect a SharePoint Calendar or Task to Outlook
  • Task: Send a Sharing Message
  • Task: Connect to SharePoint from a Sharing Message
  • Task: Edit Document Library Files in Outlook
  • Task: Remove a Connected Document from Outlook
  • Task: View a SharePoint Calendar with Outlook
  • Task: Edit a SharePoint Calendar in Outlook
  • Task: Create a Meeting Workspace with Outlook
  • Task: Remove a SharePoint Resource from Outlook
Conduct Surveys
  • Task: Create a Survey
  • Task: Preview Your Survey
  • Task: Enable Survey Branching
  • Task: Send a Survey Link
  • Task: View Survey Results
  • Task: Compile Survey Results
Create and Customize Your MySite
  • Task: Create a MySite
  • Task: Edit Your MySite Profile
  • Task: Add Colleagues to Your MySite
  • Task: Establish an RSS Feed on Your MySite
  • Task: Configure Your MySite Calendar
  • Task: Edit Public and Private Views
  • Task: Apply a Theme to MySite
  • Task: Add a Web Part to MySite
  • Task: Remove a Web Part from MySite
  • Task: Create a MySite Blog
Manage Personal Files and Information
  • Task: Upload a Document to MySite
  • Task: Check Out a MySite Document
  • Task: Check In a MySite Document
  • Task: Create a New Document Workspace in MySite
  • Task: Create a New Library in MySite
Publish Web Content
  • Task: Create a Site for Published Content
  • Task: Start a Workflow for Publication
  • Task: Create a Content Page
  • Task: Create a Content Page
  • Task: Edit a Content Page
  • Task: Approve Content for Publication
Build Web Part Pages
  • Task: Create a Web Part Page
  • Task: Add Web Parts
  • Task: Configure Web Parts
  • Task: Move Web Parts
  • Task: Remove Web Parts
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Dimensions 7.5 × 5.375 × .75 in


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