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User Engagement Videos

User Engagement Videos


Getting your users to work with your technologies is tough. They’ll doggedly cling to their email inbox while contacting the help desk about their missing report, wondering why they can’t find their new manager, and missing the events that you know you posted weeks ago on the intranet. All the tools are there, but they’re not using them.

That’s why we’ve created these videos: in bite-sized chunks, they will see the magic that can happen outside of their desktop and inbox. All it takes is two minutes of their time. They’ll learn the shortcut to finding Waldo. They’ll discover why half of their report is gone and what they can do to bring it back. And they’ll view the events you post on your intranet without leaving their own calendar behind.

These videos are free to watch on YouTube. However, if you want to try before you buy, you can subscribe to receive videos that don’t have the YouTube ads. All you have to do is sign up here, and you’ll get ad-free videos every week.

When you’re ready to engage your users, you can buy them here. Ad- and branding-free, these user engagement videos can be used internally. You’ll get access to all of them instantly, and you’ll receive additional links as we create more content.

Get the videos now, and start engaging your users.

The following videos are included in the series:

  • Where is Waldo?
  • Paging 1, 2, 3
  • Content Tamper Alarm
  • Rogue Revision Rewind
  • Dropping Files is Good
  • Listing Excel Sheets
  • Out of Order Information
  • Connect Calendars
  • Refining Real Search
  • Flagging Famous Files
  • Offline with OneDrive
  • Who Knows?
  • Worm Hole Physics