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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample of the material covered in the book or the Corporate License version?

Yes, view the books in the Shop area and see samples.

What if I want to customize the content of the book and deploy it electronically to my users?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss licensing options with include the ability to modify the content to include screen shots from your organization’s SharePoint site.  We offer customization services and are willing to provide you with a license that allows you to modify the content.

Who do I contact to order bulk copies or discuss corporate licensing?

We’re happy to discuss corporate purchase and licensing options.  Please contact us and we’ll help you find a purchasing option that works for you.

How is the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide: 2013 installed?

The DVD will arrive with a wizard of step by step instructions for installing the Guide.  If you’d like to see more details about the steps, SPShep 2013 Installer Instructions.

How much is the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide 2013 Corporate License ?

The Guide is priced by the number of employees in the organization, from the low end of $699 and the maximum price would be $16,000.  Contact us for an accurate quote for your organization.

How much space does the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide 2013 Corporate License take?

The content is approximately 600mb.

Where can the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide 2013 content be deployed?

The Guide can be deployed on premises (physical server), in the cloud (virtual server), Office 365 (Microsoft’s service), or hybrid environment (combination of on-premises and Office 365.)

Can we personalize the wiki pages?

Yes, the wiki pages can be personalized with your company’s brand to match the other pages of your site.

Are the videos in the SharePoint Shepherd's Guide 2013 associated with every task?

All tasks have step-by-step screencast video instructions.  The background chapters, decision trees, and appendices are not supported by videos.

Will the search function from SharePoint work on the Guide content?

Yes, once the Guide is installed search will index the Guide content also.

Is there a way to hide certain pages?

Yes, the administrator has the ability to remove, hide, or limit access to specific content.

Will there be support for any issues after installation?

Yes, we are here to help and answer any questions, the Guide is content, there tends to be no support required.