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Get Real SharePoint Answers

Frustrated with the complexity of SharePoint and finding answers to complete tasks?   Want to get fast answers on how to make SharePoint a more productive tool for your organization?

We are here to help you find solutions in the SharePoint world.  Our depth of experience, integration with Microsoft factory and field staff, and hands-on approach with tons of clients allows us to have un-matched expertise in solving the most complex SharePoint issues.

With years of experience in working with organizations like yours, we have built tools and processes to help you maximize your investment in SharePoint and create real exciting value to your organization.   Find your role in the organization in the following to see position-specific guidance on how to get the most out of your SharePoint implementation.


Training is a difficult job.  There’s always too many things to train on and it’s difficult to escape the fact that people forget 80% of what they learn within two weeks if you don’t reinforce the learning.  So how are you supposed to create a training path when you’ve got to cover the same ground over and over? …read more

IT Pro

SharePoint is just one of the many systems that you have to support in your organization.  How do you minimize your support costs and improve adoption so that your users want to use SharePoint and you don’t have to run from desk-to-desk?  We have the answers.  …read more


Your job is to write code.  How do you do that in SharePoint?  How do you learn the API and the options — while keeping the end users satisfied and out of your hair?  What seems like an impossible task isn’t when you follow a shepherd. …read more

Human Resources

You just want shiny happy employees.  Is that too much to ask?  In many corporate environments it can feel like it.  However, when you follow a shepherd we can show you how to get employees engaged without bursting your budget.  …read more

Project Manager

Whether your project team makes you think that you might want to take up the easier job of herding cats or you feel like you’ve got the dream team, keeping track of the details is always a challenge.  SharePoint can be a great way to help you keep on top of your project.  If you’re looking to find a cost — and time — effective solution to your SharePoint training needs, you’ve come to the right place. …read more

Business Analyst

You’re supposed to be an expert in whatever the system is that you’re working with.  However, how do you find the answers that you need when you need them?  How do you make sure that your users are getting the support they need so you can focus on other things?  We’ve got the answers …read more


You’re just trying to create solutions that solve real business problems but you’re not sure how to deliver the good when you’ve not got a training department.  Learn how we can make it easy for you to deliver the productivity your customers want — without the hassle of training.  …read more