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Training is a difficult job.  There’s always too many things to train on and it’s difficult to escape the fact that people forget 80% of what they learn within two weeks if you don’t reinforce the learning.  So how are you supposed to create a training path when you’ve got to cover the same ground over and over?

The starting point is to make sure that the leaders are equipped correctly.  That’s why we make available our Psychology of SharePoint Adoption and Engagement and our Nine Keys to SharePoint Success DVDs.  We want to make sure you — and your colleagues — know how to motivate SharePoint users to learn and to use the system.  We’ve spent years learning and teaching leaders how to be successful at SharePoint projects.

On the end-user side we offer both printed and online references to help them be successful.  Our User Interface Quick Reference shows users how to navigate SharePoint.  This allows them to remember what the various kinds of navigation do and how the toolbars work.  By providing a simple one-page double-sided reference you can get the basics to all of your users.  What you can’t convey on a single page is where deploying The SharePoint Shepherd’s Guide for End Users: 2013 Corporate Edition comes in.  With over 121 tasks which include step-by-step instructions delivered via a Wiki — and screen cast videos of all 121 tasks, users can get the information they need about how to do things in SharePoint in either written or visual form.

If you need materials for your instructor led training we can help there too.  We have instructor led materials available for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.